Workshop with Wassa Lakkham 9th & 10th March 2024


Workshop with Wassa Lakkham 9th & 10th March 2024



Integrative Deep Tissue with Dynamic Table Thai Massage

This course is designed to introduce bodywork therapists to integrative deep tissue with dynamic table Thai massage, performed on the standard massage table. This integrative deep tissue with dynamic table Thai massage class is designed to incorporate different massage modalities into deep tissue work to relieve muscular tension and discomfort as well as restore physical function.

Integrative deep tissue massage does not necessarily involve heavy pressure, and it need not be painful. Integrative deep tissue therapy is centralized on firm touch, integrating various massage techniques that allow manual alteration of muscular, fascial, and skeletal changes to ease physical discomfort. The techniques may include myofascial release, Thai stretching, joint mobilization, PNF, and energy work. These integrative deep tissue techniques will be performed in conjunction with table Thai massage stretching techniques to relieve lower back pain and increase range of motion and mobility. In this class, you will learn how to use your whole body to treat your client, using hands, feet, arms, knees, and legs to apply specific compressions and to safely move your client into a series of safe passive stretches.

Location: Vienna, Austria

Instructor: Wassa Lakkham

Course fee: EUR 450

Course dates: March 9th and 10th, 2024


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